Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance

Can't believe it has been so long since we had a posting but here goes.

The weekend of July23,24 and 25 we traveled to Auburn Hills, MI with our older son Steve to attend the Meadow Brook Concours de Elegance said to be the second most perstigious car show in the US. This is the second time Steve has been invited to the show.

In 1995 he showed his 1941 Chrysler T&C Station Wagon and this year he was invited to show both the 1941 and the 1946 T&C Convertible. The 1946 is an original condition vehicle so he was surprised that he was asked to show the car.

We left Naperville on Friday the 23rd and headed for Auburn Hills a suburb of Detroit. It was a very hot day and with no AC the drive was not too pleasant. Then to top it off the last 100 or so miles were accomplished in very,very heavy rain. (The woodies would have come in handy had the roads flooded.) Saturday was spent washing the cars between rain storms and getting the lay of the land between the hotel and show field at Oakland University.Sunday we awoke to more rain but drove the cars to the showfield. On the way the rain stopped and after the cars were dried off the day turned beautiful with a nice breeze for the show. Since the Chrylser Woodies were featured cars we had a nice turnout of 10 T&Cs for the enjoyment of the spectators. The show was great and we had a chance to visit with a group of friends at dinner.

Monday we headed back home on a very nice day with thumbs up from passing cars and a mini car show at a rest stop. The trip was accomplished without problems which is a tribute to the two cars some 60 years old.

Car show banner
The line up of Woodies
The 1941. This is the car originally purchased by Louise's Father. Louise's brother sold the car in 1970 to the owner of the San Jose newspaper. When that owner passed away in 1970 his  cars were auctioned off and Steve lost track of it. Then after a three year search in the late 1980's he found it in a collection in Minneapolis and was able to reacquire it.
This is the original condition 1946.



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  1. Nice job on this post. Interesting and informative along with some nice pictures. Apart from the heat on the drive over and some rain, I'll bet you guys had a great time! Keep up the blog posts because it's fun to see what you've been up to.