Friday, April 30, 2010

Our son Karl was Recently Interviewed about his Humanitarian Photography

Karl was recently interviewed by Heber Vega for a series called "10 Questions", it's about humanitarian photography. Heber is a humanitarian worker and photographer, originally from Chile, now based in northern Iraq.  He interviewed Karl last week and just posted the text and pictures on-line, this morning.Click here to read the on-line interview and see Karl's photos. It seems that many photographers want to get into "humanitarian photography" and since Karl has been doing it for 10 years, they see him as sort of an expert.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Karl and Carrie are remodeling their kitchen.

Karl and Carrie are remodeling their kitchen...they sent us these photos of the demolition and installation. Next they will be refacing the cabinets, but that's not scheduled until June.

Here are the pictures of the finished job....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IL Michigan Canal towpath bike trail April 28, 2010

The Illinois Michigan Canal Towpath  Bike Trail  is one of my favorites.  Originally, about 150 years ago, the Illinois Michigan Canal was used to transport goods between  Chicago and LaSalle IL.  From La Salle  the goods were shipped down the Illinois River to the Mississippi  River and on to New Orleans.  Mules along side the canal pulled the canal boats between Joliet and La Salle.  The  portion of the path between Channahon and Au Sable is the  segment that we biked today.

2  The IL  Michigan  canal with the bike path to the side.

3 Dave looking across the Des Plaines  River at Mc Kinley Woods

This little device reminds me of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz

5 A barge on the Des Plaines waiting to go through the locks.

6  Our bikes  on the tow path .  In the background  you see the canal's  aqueduct over  a creek at Au Sable.

7  Looking  down the  canal from Au Sable.  Bike path to the left side.

8  Louise  sitting on the steps of the locktender's house at the Lock at Au Sable.

9  Beavers have been  at work.

10 Looking down the tow path  toward Channahon on the  return trip.

11.  The  Locktender's house at  Channahon.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wild Turkeys at Palo Duro, March 26,2010

The wild turkeys were looking  for a treat;  in the background you can see the  covering around Thom  and Dar's bikes.  Thom and Dar  were our next door neighbors .  It was great that we met them. 
They  have some beautiful  pictures.  Check out the tulips in Pella , Iowa on their blog.   It is

Our friends from Palo Duro

Thom and Dar took this picture of us as Dave drove the Seabreeze up the incline leaving Palo Duro , March 29, 2010 The little speck following the Seabreeze is  our jeep driven by Louise.
 Photo copyright Thom & Dar Hoch

Backyard Surprise

This morning a lovely doe browsed through our back yard.  Although  some of our RV friends  probably have elk and even bears  as visitors,  this doe was a treat for us.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Steve  is  having this huge  boulder of limestone installed in his front yard. 

You might be  interested in Steve's blog. 

Dick Tracy

This statue  of Dick Tracy.  It was just erected to recognize Dick Locher  who lives in Naperville and who writes Dick Tracy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Above, you can see the beautiful blooming  crab  tree which  welcomes visitors at the end of our driveway, a sure sign that spring has sprung!

Home for a while

When Dave and I arrived home in Naperville, we found Tons... literally Tons... of paving bricks on the side of the driveway. Our son ,Steve , wants us to have a patio and walkway constructed. At the moment, I am researching ideas for landscaping with bricks.

Our son, Karl, set us up with this blog.

As you might surmise, we have some projects challenging us.


Our First Blog Post:

Welcome to our new blog! We've decided to start blogging as a way to keep friends and family informed as to our adventures as we travel around this amazing country in our SeaBreeze motor home. We will also be blogging while we're in Naperville, pondering our next adventure.