Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A New Project

Today our  workmen started  digging a trench around the  garage in preparation for a brick walkway.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

42nd Annual Father's Day Classic Car Show

Sunday was Father's Day; time to participate in the Annual Father's Day Classic Car show in Oakbrook. This year Steve and Dave took Steve's 1941 Chrysler Town and Country Station Wagon and the 1948 Chrysler Sedan to the show.
Dave loves to explain all about the cars and tell the story of the 1941 station wagon and its journey from Louise's family to two collections and Steve's  finally repurchasing  the car after it had been lost for 10 years.
Here's a photo of Steve's two cars in front of Bloomingdale's department store, with the cream colored 1948 Chrysler Sedan in the foreground and the 1941 wagon in the background.
Toward the end of a long day, Steve and Dave in front of the 1941 (commonly called "the Green Car").

See a video of Steve's 1941 Town and Country click here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup after 49 years

Its been a long time since the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, 49 years to be exact.
The celebration in Chicago was amazing

Anti Neimi and Patrick Kane celebrate the game winning goal and the winning of the Stanley Cup.
The old Chicago Stadium. I watched many a game there. I used to go to games on Sunday nights after playing myself on Sunday afternoons. We alway sat in the upper balcony in the $1 (cheap) seats.

 In 1994 Steve and Karl and I attended the last Hawks game ever played in the stadium, after the game I pried off several of the seat numbers as a momento....after all, they were going to demolish the place anyway!

 Those were the days of Hall, Makita, Hull, Esposito.
Glenn Hall, the Hawks All Star goal tender.
.Karl , a member of the Naperville Sabres. Sorry, but I wasn't able to find a shot of  Steve in his goal tender pads.

My pond hockey days with the Glenbard Green Hornets Hockey Club.
Karl playing with his men's league Rangers team in San Diego, CA.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

 Steve's 1946 Chrysler Town and Country

The  Memorial Day events  included  5 wreath-laying ceremonies before the parade.  The pictures show the  memorial to a young man from Naperville who was killed on 9/11  when  the Pentagon was hit, and World War  II nurses awaiting the  wreath-laying  in the Naperville cemetery at the GAR monument for Civil War soldiers.  After this,  there was a sudden  downpour.  Literally thousands of  people along the parade  route were  drenched as they headed for their cars and homes  Many units and bands suffered the same fate.

Mule powered canal boat ride

Steve on the bridge over the basin
Canal boat in the basin
Aqueduct which carries the canal over the Little Vermillion River
Larry the Mule and Matt

In the past  two years, the  Illinois Michigan Canal has featured a  mule -pulled  ride  at LaSalle. Larry, the mule, and Matt , his trainer gave  the Classic Car club a ride in a boat made to  resemble the boats that carried passengers and mail from Chicago to La Salle, a distance of about 60 miles. ( This method of transportation  occurred  about 150  years ago.)