Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup after 49 years

Its been a long time since the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, 49 years to be exact.
The celebration in Chicago was amazing

Anti Neimi and Patrick Kane celebrate the game winning goal and the winning of the Stanley Cup.
The old Chicago Stadium. I watched many a game there. I used to go to games on Sunday nights after playing myself on Sunday afternoons. We alway sat in the upper balcony in the $1 (cheap) seats.

 In 1994 Steve and Karl and I attended the last Hawks game ever played in the stadium, after the game I pried off several of the seat numbers as a momento....after all, they were going to demolish the place anyway!

 Those were the days of Hall, Makita, Hull, Esposito.
Glenn Hall, the Hawks All Star goal tender.
.Karl , a member of the Naperville Sabres. Sorry, but I wasn't able to find a shot of  Steve in his goal tender pads.

My pond hockey days with the Glenbard Green Hornets Hockey Club.
Karl playing with his men's league Rangers team in San Diego, CA.

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