Friday, May 21, 2010

Illinois- Michigan Canal Towpath Trail, Morris to Seneca segment

Morris is on the Illinois  River.  We parked near the boat launch and kayak rental. No far down the  trail is a replica of a canal boat. Farther on, we passed tall beige grasses that  must have measured ten feet in height. After that, a dilapidated barn and its companions added to the rural aspect of the trail.  Mile marker #65, announces the distance to the  historic Hogan Grain Elevator in Seneca. About 150 years ago canal boats could pull right up to the  elevator at its second level.

Civil War Reenactment Naperville

Last weekend  our historical society  hosted this event...complete  with brigadier general, cannon power, "foreign observers" and a cordial surrender.

Monday, May 17, 2010

More Fermilab Pictures

Fermilab, May 14, 2010

Fermilab is a large area north of Naperville.  Originally  is consisted of  farmland.  Even  farther back than that, Native Americans occupied the land.  When the U.S. Government dug trenches for the colliders, they unearthed a wealth of arrowheads and other artifacts.

Fermilab  is concerned with particle physics; the experiments involve  protons and anti-protons colliding at the  speed of light.  This is the method  that scientists used to discover the top quark in 1995.  Now, the scientists are probing dark matter.

There are buildings  for experiments, and there  is a very  tall  building for administration.  Lately they have added a building for  teachers and students. In front of the tall building there is a reflecting pool,  plus the flags of those nations which  have scientists  currently  doing research at Fermilab.  The day that we rode our bikes in Fermilab, there were  the flags of 20  different nations.

Because the area  was  once farmland,  there is  lots of room for a herd of bison. The mothers and calves were too  far out in the field  for me to get a good shot even  with the zoom.  However, two very impressive bulls were close to the fence.  In addition to the bison, the area  has a native grassland area which school children visit.  A nice bike  path traverses the  area .  We  saw houses, barns, a swimming pool, a picnic area,  and several fishing ponds.  For employees and guests there are  social activities.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


These are my heirloom geraniums. Originally they were my father's.    From Karl's high  school days, forward, he would help me take  the geraniums  outside on Mother's Day and bring them inside on Columbus Day. During the winter, Steve made  sure that they received "sunlight"  from  the grow light. Now Dave will help  me take them's a family project. Thirty years of history.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fox River Bike Trail

1  The dam at North Aurora.  The current was pretty swift today; canoeists might set a record.  However,   it will be slower in a month when it is time for the canoe race.  Dave and the boys  used to enter the race.  Juanito used to scoot under the trees at the portages and give them fresh  water.  There are many hilarious memories....Bat Shirt and his  buddy floating  rather than paddling.....and the poor young couple whose canoe capsized  right at the starting dock  in Elgin. 

2  Windmill at Batavia.  Many windmills were made in Batavia to service the Westward Movement
3  Looking northward  toward Geneva, IL.  How about this?  A lighthouse on the Fox River !
4  Large windmill near Geneva, IL on  Fabyan Forest Preserve.   I think it is on the National Register of Historic Places
5  Small bridge at Mill Race Inn.
6  Dave  looking across the river at Geneva, IL  The building  is a former mill  that  has been converted into a hotel.
7  Dave at entrance to the estate of Colonel Fabyan, Batavia, IL
8  Mother Goose and goslings.  Dave counted 18.
9  The Illinois answer to "wildflower" blossoms.
10  "Peak"  of  wildflower bloom.
11 A view of the path itself.  The path  is a very long one. On May 6, we did only a 13 mile round trip segment.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"snow" on April 27

The blossoms  from our crabapple tree have carpeted the driveway.  Dave is picking  garlic mustard weed our local invasive.. ( a cousin to the Saharan mustard weed in Borrego?)